Basic cooking skills can save your life

The Tomato Foundation is passionate in its quest to grow the love for tomatoes. We are a non-profit NGO proud to promote tomato every way we can. Tomato is the most consumed fruit in the world; a beautiful savoury fruit with an immense nutritional payload and the natural tasty centre of a healthy balanced diet.

Our social purpose is to support global efforts to reduce the risk and impact of preventable, diet-related diseases - which account for over 60% of all deaths worldwide. We believe in lifestyle-as-medicine. By promoting back-to-basics cooking skills we aim to inspire and encourage people, young and old, to take control of their diet and protect their health.

Our tool, our storyteller, our champion is the versatile, health-packed superstar of food everywhere - the tomato!

Where have we come from
and what is our plan?

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Driven and Passionate
desire for change

We believe that everyone, given the right tools, can take simple steps to improve their diet and that simple change will improve their health. The small dietary changes we make for ourselves can have a massive impact to reduce diet-related disease worldwide.

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We support people
who share our goals

The Foundation provides grant support for online publications that provide information and resources on healthy diet and simple cooking skills and recipes.

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So... Why Tomato?

The whole fruit, and nothing but the fruit

  • A Global Icon

    The image of tomato immediately makes us all think of healthy, tasty food.

  • Love the Colour

    For many, the best Red in the world is tomato Red.

  • Supreme Versatility

    Cooks quickly and easily into many healthy and tasty recipes.

  • Economic Sense

    Affordable, whether fresh or processed.

  • Weapon of Choice

    Soft and firm, it's a handy size to throw. Tomatina or any food fight.

  • So Romantic

    A bunch of fresh tomatoes is more romantic than a bunch of flowers.