Basic cooking skills can save your life

The Tomato Foundation strongly believes in lifestyle as medicine.

Our mission is to help prevent or reverse diet-related disease.

By promoting healthy life habits and back-to-basics cooking skills we aim to inspire people of all ages to take control of their diet and protect their health.

Our storyteller, our champion is the versatile, health-packed superstar of food everywhere - The world's most popular fruit, the tomato!


A collaboration with The British School of Barcelona

Agenda 2017:

So... Why Tomato?

The whole fruit, and nothing but the fruit

  • A Global Icon

    The image of tomato immediately makes us all think of healthy, tasty food.

  • Love the Colour

    For many, the best Red in the world is tomato Red.

  • Supreme Versatility

    Cooks quickly and easily into many healthy and tasty recipes.

  • Economic Sense

    Affordable, whether fresh or processed.

  • Weapon of Choice

    Soft and firm, it's a handy size to throw. Tomatina or any food fight.

  • So Romantic

    A bunch of fresh tomatoes is more romantic than a bunch of flowers.